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We will develop your WEB / mobile application using latest technologies. You don't have to pay intermediaries. Just contact us directly.
We will develop your WEB / mobile application using latest technologies. You don't have to pay intermediaries. Just contact us directly.
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because we know this territory
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We also develop WEB / mobile applications.
we know the market
we know the rules
we know what we do
we know how to do it

We will choose the best technology stack, build the project architecture, set and automate all development processes.

These will be easy to expand technologies, that will enable us to launch your product in a fast and quality way.

We are developers and project architects, team leads and scrum masters, managers and PO...

We have done all that. We have tried all these processes in action. That is why we see each project as an integral system.

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We are a blend of performance management and result orientation with no compromising on quality. From the very start of project development we keep on thinking about the fastest launch of the application. The so called master's approach is what singles us out of other teams.

our motto is everything is possible

We worked with such technologies as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, ES6, Typescript, React, Redux, BackboneJS, Underscore, RequireJS, AngularJS, Cordova, KnockoutJS, jQuery, jQueryUI...
We developed soft using Node.js, Express, Firebase, MongoDB...
We used Git, Grunt, Gulp, Yarn, Bower, NPM, Webpack, LESS, SASS, Stylus, Bootstrap...
We set Android SDK, MacOS, Visual Studio, LG WebOS SDK...
We wrote frontend for Magento 2, did various integrations and automation...
Our soft worked the same way on WEB, Android, iOS, Windows Phone platforms...
We have a great experience to clearly understand what your application should be like. And we are ready to share this experience with you.
It should be noted that there is always somebody more skilled in this or that technology. But the range of technologies we worked with enables us to evaluate the professional level of a developer and to effectively create a team for you.
Our management and self management skills are another important factor. We are not only developers, but also managers. We are constantly watching, reading, learning, making conclusions, trying new methodologies. This enables us to make the projects develop as effectively as possible.
And yes, we are really addicted to what we do. We work 24/7. We are constantly analyzing what else can be improved or optimized. And this addiction has a simple explanation. In everything we do we keep to the so called master's approach, as if the project was ours. It means efficient resource management based on the future expansion of the project
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